FAST Diet Clients
Every year, Tony and his wife go on a vacation to celebrate their anniversary. This year's adventure was to Belize. While there, they partnered with their hotel and brought 70 pounds of school supplies to a local school. The outside of the school looked broken down, but the inside was decorated with love. But it was missing one thing… Walls.

So Tony made a deal with all FAST members; follow the plan every day, and part of your monthly payment will fund this project.

It took almost 5 months to raise the money and build Walls #1, #2, and #3, but they are now completed. And the children who pass through this school for the next 20 years will actually have a classroom to study and learn in. We want to thank all of the FAST members who followed the program each day-- part of their dues funded this project.

The teachers and parents of these students are so grateful that their children can be in a learning environment where they can hear and study effectively. We'd like to extend a big thank you to all the FAST members for making their health important; it’s helping people across the globe.

As we continue to get healthier every day, who knows who will benefit next?

Building Walls in Belize
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