Too many companies spend their time creating 12-week contests that get people excited to start, but don't provide enough substance to teach people how to finish and then successfully maintain. Our program doesn't create competition that mistakenly ends up creating only one winner. Instead, it creates a group of winners who all succeed together-- regardless of if you are the fastest or slowest loser. 

Setting up a group at your company is easy. Whether you are the owner, the wellness coordinator, or someone who wants to improve the culture by helping your friends get healthy, here are the steps:

First, we will need to schedule a time to do a fun meeting we call "The Info Meeting." As a company, all you need is a room and a willingness to promote the meeting a week in advance. We will provide the flyers you'll need to send during the week before the presentation.

This first meeting is an absolute riot! The meeting takes 45-60 minutes and when the group is done, not only will they start and be inspired, but your group will also understand why this program is different and why they will succeed even though they have failed so many times before. Once that step is finished, all you'll need to do is set up a room once a week for weigh-ins and that's it!

Step two is even easier. Your group will start losing and we will make you look great for starting this. There is no cost for any of the meetings and it doesn't matter if you have a group of 10 or 5,000 listening.  

Once you make the phone call, you are only one step away from seeing your group become incredibly healthy.

Ready to get your company started? 
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