The biggest mistake people make when dieting is thinking that motivation or willpower will get them to the end. Think about the last time you heard about someone who lost a bunch or saw a weight loss show on TV and were totally motivated. Soon, you are losing weight like crazy... but once the motivation fades, you fail and gain your weight back. Motivation will fail you and so will willpower, so we don't count on them. Sure, we will get you motivated at the beginning, but then while the fire is hot we will show you how to create momentum so on the days when you are not motivated or your willpower is weak, you still get the job done or are able to get some one-on-one help to get your through those tough moments. It doesn't take long before you are motivated and excited all the time because you feel good and finally have an epiphany and realize that action takes place first and then motivation comes second. You'll see.  
The daily accountability of this program is the real game changer. You have always known what to do-- exercise and diet, right? But when you add REAL accountability to that formula you actually start doing it. Think about it. We will do anything for anyone else. We make all our scheduled appointments with the rest of world, no problem. But as soon as we schedule a time to exercise or commit to eating better, we break that commitment without a second thought. The daily accountability we provide is inflexible. You have to play by the rules, period. Because of this, you'll find that you start taking the right actions and succeeding. It's not long before you get good at this and realize the appointments you make with yourself are the most important. Then, you blink and are at your goal weight. Accountability helps you stay focused when it seems impossible to do so.  
It's absolutely true-- on this program you eat what you like. There are no shakes, foods or pills to buy. If you like chocolate, then you can eat it. If you like fruit and vegetables, you can eat them too. What we are going to teach you is to realize that the reason you eat the foods you like is because you like them and that will not go away. If you like chocolate, for example, it's not like one day you will suddenly hate it. So, eat what you want and use our strategy to get a little control.  What you'll find is this freedom will cause you get balance and control.  Once you start feeling good and losing consistently, you'll start making healthier food decisions because you want not because someone shoved broccoli down your throat and said, "Eat this... it's healthy." If you like pizza, beer and chocolate, we won't take them away and the program will still work.
We are committed to your success, but if you don't like the program or our approach, you can cancel anytime without penalty. During the first 30 days, you can cancel and get an unconditional refund. Who does that in dieting? No one! We can make this guarantee because our success rate is so high that we don't need to lock you into a contract and collect money from those who give up like other programs do. Besides, why would you quit if you are losing weight, learning how to maintain it and getting healthy? Besides, the cost is only $69 for the first month and $27 per month after that with no contracts or time commitments.

Signing up is easy. Use your Paypal account, Visa or Mastercard by choosing subscribe or click here for the address to pay by check. Then we will schedule a 90-minute meeting that can be done in person or by phone, depending on your location. This is where you learn everything you need to know to get started fast! At no point will you be restricted from eating the foods you like or be asked to buy special foods that we provide. This program is about reality, not fantasy. 
Ruth transformed her life in only a year and a half. 
She lost 140 pounds & went from a size 26 to a size 8.
Ed, lost 101 pounds
Kate, lost 78 pounds
Still not convinced? Don't worry, it's human nature. Every person that starts our program feels the same way. They know they have failed at every diet and nothing seems to work. Most diets and fitness plans are lacking in one area or the other so they are doomed from the start.  

With our plan, you learn how to eat foods you like without giving up your favorites. Then you ease into exercise at a pace that will cause you to lose weight and get healthy fast, while decreasing the risk of injury. Finally we add our special brand of accountability and before you know it, you're healthy! Need to know more? Click here to learn more about why it works. Soon you will be as healthy as you have ever been.
Evan, lost 150 pounds