You will get: 
  • Daily support, motivation and accountability
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 support from Tony Dean and his team
  • Control of your food while eating the things you want
  • Help learning to exercise at your pace today while learning how to make tiny improvements that limit the chance of injury while creating consistent results
  • 90-minute Quick Start orientation (Day 1)
  • Regular emails and phone calls sharing:

  • Problem solving conference calls to hear how people across the nation solve the same problems you have
  • Special help for travel days, holidays, and other tough situations
  • FAST bands to celebrate every 10 pounds you lose
  • New confidence and belief that you can succeed too
  • Daily tools that will prepare you as you go so you are ready for maintain before you reach it
  • Guaranteed success

The rest of the diet and fitness industry is trying to come up with the next gimmick or catchphrase that will motivate you to buy something. Our approach is different. We concentrate on motivating you NOW by holding you accountable long enough so you get good at this. Your friends, coworkers, and even family will let you down because they have a life and really don't have the time to be there when you need it most.  Besides, aren't many of them trying to lose weight too?

Each day you will report to us and we will respond accordingly. If you are doing well, we will encourage you to continue and give you tips along the way to help prevent you from some of the pitfalls that are right around the corner. When you struggle, we will be there to motivate you, educate you, and get you back on track fast (and sometimes even give you a serious kick in the butt!)

Once you are ready to start, there is no 6-week training plan; instead you learn everything you need to know during your 90-minute orientation so you can start losing NOW and then learn the rest as you go.  

Just some of the FAST Dieters who participated in the Color Run!
Ruth, after losing 137 pounds
Warrior Dash
FAST Diet book signing
Dirty Girl Race
Race Omaha
Mike Dean
2012 FAST Welcome Winners lose just under 500 pounds
Good Morning America
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- Success stories from other teammates accross the nation
- Educational tips to get though difficult times

How much does it cost?
FAST is incredibly affordable, especially when compared to other weight-loss programs. The average cost is less than $1 a day. It's also one of the only programs that offers a money-back guarantee. Stop waiting and get FAST!